Monday, April 05, 2010

WARCHESTRA solo exhibition

WARCHESTRA solo exhibition will be up at the Toronto Free Gallery,
as part of Mayworks Festival from April 24 - May 22.

Opening April 24th at 4pm, Artist talk at 5pm

1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON



Leish said...

I am a research scientist trying to understand Iraqi bloggers. I would appreciate your participation by emailing me your responses to leishiraqia[@]

Your blog identity:
Is your blog name the same your true identity? Why?

Do you only blog in English? Why?

Did you blog about the elections? Why?

Thank you very much for participating.

Justin Sirois said...
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Justin Sirois said...

I couldn’t find contact information on your blog; I thought you might be into this project we’re working on:

The Understanding Campaign wants everyone in the world to read just one word of Arabic. Through true understanding we can break down stereotypes and taboos – our mission is to begin with a single word. By joining the campaign you are saying you support empathy and understanding over conflict.

Haneen (in Cairo)